video and panel discussion

A record on video and in interview of a weekend in the woods.

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Borderlander’s Outfitter was an exhibition and backcountry instructional retreat that explore the skills required to live self-sufficiently through the use of traditional craft combined with modern material. Borderlander’s Outfitter cultivated designs for the self-sufficient life by speculating on a holistic model for individual survival irrespective of existing socio-economic systems.

During The Academy for Survival, artist and host Abigail Anne Newbold also invited several guests to lead workshops and give artist talks about space, survival, and stuff. Guests included:

John and Wonghee Arndt, Studio Gorm

Peter Michael Bauer, Rewild Portland

Borderlander’s Outfitter and The Academy for Survival are projects from artist Abigail Anne Newbold and curated by Sarah Margolis-Pineo, Associate Curator at Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland, OR. The Academy for Survival was presented in collaboration with Applied Craft + Design, a joint MFA of Oregon College of Art & Craft and Pacific Northwest College of Art. The program was supported by Signal Fire, Studio Gorm, Rewild Portland, and Leland Iron Works.

Photos by Ali Gradischer. Video and Audio by Killeen Hanson. You can find more photos of the exhibition and The Academy on Flickr.