graduation and other poems

Artist book. Plywood veneer, thread, leather, 2011.


How do you remember a friendship?

An accordion book and chapbook inspired by conversations with a dear friend. 

In the end, 
I think that I will like that we were sitting on the bed, 
and wondering 
where the time had gone.

Twice-steeped tea, 
hands ‘round a red ceramic mug. 
Pet rocks sitting on the window 
sill. I think of you 
that afternoon 
and somber. 

Two girls 
not long gone from school. 
You were the blond, 
I wore the glasses 
and we hadn’t the slightest idea 
what the hell we were doing. 

When I write you letters now, 
postmarked Sitka, Alaska, 
I think back to that afternoon. 
We sat there, 
planning out our lives. 
Jobs, boyfriends, 
trumpet solos. 

It was terrifying, 
that wide wide world. 
But sweet, 
so sweet. 

Photos by Matthew Miller