Mural diagram. Whiteboard, marker, assorted ephemera, 2011.


What are the ethics of interviewing?

A large diagram/map that investigated the beautiful and fuzzy relationship between two individuals in conversation. What happens when that conversation is called “art” and recontextualized or given physical shape? Where is “the work”? In the exchange? In the organizing and understanding of the exchange? Or in the final document?

Questions lead to questions which lead still further questions.

Surfacing among those questions were a handful of tentative conclusions: that we, as artists, are called to make tangible the intangible, be it in music, in object, in film, in image, in text… even in white-board diagrams. Whether we call ourselves artist or curator or archivist or translator, the work is in the doing, in the verb, not the noun of the result. That art can, and ought to be, of use to the world.

This was preparatory work for a graduate thesis in Applied Craft and Design.

Photos by Matthew Miller